Christmas, the Time of Darkness

Now that Christmas is almost upon us, it’s as good a time as any to talk about the Satanic elements embedded within the holiday ritual, and that the real Reason for the Season is to give praise to the Prince of Darkness. Our beloved Puritan ancestors knew about this, and knew that an Orgy of Consumerism was just lurking behind the so-called Yuletide blessings. What could promote selfishness and materialism more than gift-giving? And everyone knows that whenever you see the word ‘enchanted,’ that is just code for Demonic. So here is a guide for the uninformed of just a few of the things hand in glove with the underworld at Christmastime:

Santa = Satan. The name Santa is even an anagram for the name Satan. You don’t have to try hard to see that this the ultimate agency of evil has transformed himself into a morbidly obese bearded stealer of souls traveling the entire world in one night, breaking and entering every single house in the course of this, and chugging Coca-Cola products all along the way, to the delight of children everywhere. What more proof do you need? Frosty, representing the Cold Hand of Death, is his partner in crime.

The Christmas Tree is an inverted crucifix. Since Satan-worshippers irreverently invert the cross and hold it upside down when they adorn it and worship it, it eventually takes on the appearance of an evergreen wider at the bottom than the top. Before people put flashing electric lights and ornaments on it to celebrate it as Satan’s living advertisement, people burnt candles of Satanic fire on the branches, like Satan’s Klansmen perversely burning their inverted crucifixes to terrorize all lovers of righteousness.

Christmas Carols are not Hymns, in fact they are the anti-Hymns. What’s the difference? Carols don’t mention God, and for good reason. By leaving God out of the songs, they are Satan’s holy music. In fact, any music which does not reference God must, by its nature, be Satanic. To not mention God is to spit on God. Christmas Carols are a spitting contest sponsored by, and in praise of, the Devil himself. See how he keeps disguising these songs as “heart-warming” or “cheerful!” Of course they are cheerful, they don’t mention God or sin. And that is the one-way to ticket to infernal shades.

KWANZA(A) is an acronym that stands for Krushers With a Naughty Zeal for Anarchy (Association). Although this is portrayed as a recent development promoted by African Americans to ostensibly celebrate black heritage, it is merely black culture’s Satanic worship, just in their own vernacular. Since Satan is portrayed as a white man in Santa (see above), there needed to be an African counterpart to ensure that all Americans were led astray. And KWANZAA was made to fill that need.

So this season, when you are buying and wrapping those presents, just remember that the Evil One is smiling down upon all those rushing out buying things in praise of him, because Satan Always Likes Excess (SALE). And the fact that everyone thinks Christmas might be about something else is proof it isn’t.

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