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School Principal Bans Politeness – Rudeness is Now Required

In what must be regarded as a genuinely innovative measure, the Principal of Lowham, Pennsylvania’s Rutherford B. Hayes High School, has now banned all politeness on school grounds during regular school hours, and for at least one hour before and … Continue reading

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Christmas, the Time of Darkness

Now that Christmas is almost upon us, it’s as good a time as any to talk about the Satanic elements embedded within the holiday ritual, and that the real Reason for the Season is to give praise to the Prince … Continue reading

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Schnozz of the Month: Christ as Salvator Mundi

A painting of Christ as Salvator Mundi, rediscovered in the 21st century and allegedly made by the hand of Leonardo, was sold last week for $450.3 million. This is the highest price ever disgorged for a painting. Of course, everyone … Continue reading

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Lifetime TV Announces a New Show with Abby Lee Miller – “Dance or Be Devoured”

Lifetime television has announced a new reality dance program called “Dance or Be Devoured,” featuring Abby Lee Miller, the star of “Dance Moms.” Twelve full-figured dancers will compete for the ultimate prize, or face the ultimate sacrifice. Continue reading

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Doctor Agrees to Decapitate Patient, Feed it for up to One Year

A renowned physician in Bangalore, India has decapitated a female patient in following through with her surgical wishes, our investigative team reports. Continue reading

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